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Nordson UV Curing Systems

Nordson ultraviolet (UV) curing systems help manufacturers improve productivity at a lower cost of ownership.

Robust Nordson microwave-powered ultraviolet (UV) curing systems offer the most reliable, durable and cost-effective performance for curing liquids, powders, coatings, adhesives and sealants. From wood and plastic, to glass and other heat-sensitive substrates, Nordson UV curing systems deliver greater application flexibility with a range of precisely focused and flood reflector geometries.

UV Conveyor with Nitrogen Chamber

Ultraviolet Bulb Types and Spectral Output

Nordson CoolWave® Systems are available with a complete range of fully interchangeable mercury and metal halide bulb alternatives, offering the ultimate performance with all material chemistries

Nordson bulbs provide exceptionally long service life and consistent UV output. Bulbs can be changed in a few minutes, and no control or other adjustments are necessary when changing from one type of Nordson microwave bulb to another with a different spectral output. Nordson can recommend the most suitable bulbs and spectral outputs to match your particular curing requirements.


Frequently referred to as a “D” bulb, is rich in UVA output.


Frequently referred to as a “V” bulb, it is a strong performer in the higher wavelengths. This lamp delivers excellent output in the 405nm to 420nm wavelengths.


One of the most commonly used bulbs and frequently referred to as “H” bulb; delivers a good broadband output across all wavelengths.


Frequently referred to as the “Q” bulb, delivers strong performance in the UVV wavelengths up to 450nm.


Frequently referred to as an “H+” bulb, is similar in output to the mercury bulb, but with enhanced emission in the shorter UVC wavelengths.

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Bulb Handling/Disposal

Never touch or handle a bulb with bare hands as contaminants like body oil can cause premature failure. Be sure to clean bulbs thoroughly with a non-residue cleaning agent such as isopropyl alcohol prior to installation. Protective gloves and eye protection is strongly recommended when handling any UV bulbs. Bulbs must be disposed of properly either through your local mercury recycling center or can be returned to Nordson to one of the locations listed on the right.

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