Sprühpistolen - Electrostatic

Elektrostatische Nasslack Sprühpistolen

Nordson Trilogy™ electrostatic spray systems are designed with coating versatility in mind. Featuring two atomisation technologies – air spray and high volume, low pressure (HVLP) – Trilogy™ systems deliver superior application performance with a variety of substrates, coatings and part profiles.

The fluid tip and air cap you choose to use determines the spray gun technology, either HVLP or air spray.

HVLP technology creates a soft spray with high transfer efficiency, reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). HVLP atomization is typically coarser than air spray when used with high-viscosity fluids and high flow rates.

Air spray technology atomizes material at higher air pressures and lower air flows than HVLP spray guns. Air spray guns produce a very fine, atomized mist. This makes them useful for extremely fine finishing work.

Trilogy™ Elektrostatische Sprühpistolen

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