Rotary Atomiser

RA-20 Rotary Atomiser

The RA-20 rotary atomizer is an electrostatic spray device incorporating an air-powered turbine. It can apply most solvent and waterborne coating materials, including high solids and metallics.

  • Close-in painting for high transfer efficiency and superior penetration into part recesses.
  • Outstanding atomization delivers fine finishers and precise film-build control.
  • Excellent pattern control reduces overspray significantly for reduced paint waste.
  • Applies a variety of coatings including solventbased, high-solids, waterbornes, waterborne emulsions, two-component materials, metallics and 100-percent-solids coatings.
  • Wide pattern adjustability - from 8 to 42 inches.
  • Compact size for easier positioning within spray booth.
  • Long-life, air-bearing turbine.
  • Durable composite cup.
  • Safe, non-sparking operation.
  • Choice of manual or automatic controllers.
  • Special design helps prevent backflow into turbine at high flow rates and during flushing operation.

The RA-20 rotary atomizer is available in several versions with different electrostatic charging configurations. Options and accessories include solvent and dump valves, cups, nozzles, fluid tubes, and turbine speed display.

  • Cable-fed - The cable-fed version uses a remote power supply and high-voltage cable. The coating material is charges as it is sprayed.
  • Integral Power Supply (IPS) - The IPS version includes an internal multiplier, and charges the paint material as it is sprayed.
  • Waterborne - The waterborne version has no provisions for charging the coating material. The coating material is charged before being pumped to the RA-20 rotary atomizer by using a Nordson Iso-Flo HD Voltage Block System.

Patented Nordson RA-20 atomizing cups are available in several sizes and styles to optimize atomizer performance. The composite construction of each cup contributes to the non-sparking design, and is actually more durable than conventional metal cups.

  • Finned cup – delivers excellent atomization and finish quality across the widest range of paints and coatings.
  • Smooth cup – a more suitable choice for thicker coatings such as emulsions and most water-reducible coatings.
  • MicroFin™ cup – typically provides finer atomization for higher viscosity coatings.

Nordson also offer a pattern control kit for a smaller more uniform spray pattern without compromising efficiency.