Iso-Flo HD - Spannungsblockiersystem

Iso-Flo® HD Voltage Block System

For many finishing operations, the most cost-effective way to reduce VOC emissions is to convert from solventbased to waterborne coatings. But due to the higher electrical conductivity of waterborne coatings, it is necessary to isolate the charged paint-supply system from any ground source. These isolated systems are difficult to maintain and potentially dangerous to plant personnel. The Nordson Iso-Flo® HD voltage block offers an easier, safer and far more cost-effective way to spray electrostatically charged waterborne coatings. The system supplies charged coating to the spray devices while preventing the charge from conducting back through the paint-supply system. Nordson Iso-Flo systems are built for the most demanding finishing requirements with high-capacity, field-repairable pumps that provide long life with minimal maintenance and an innovative arc-suppression feature that allows continuous coating without delay between cycles.

How the Iso-Flo® HD System Works

An Iso-Flo® HD manual or automatic voltage block is installed near the spray booth, and is connected between the grounded paint-supply system and the spray devices. Coating is pumped from the paint-supply system to paint reservoirs inside the voltage blocks. Electrostatic isolation is maintained with a series of shuttle valves that alternately connect the reservoirs to the grounded paint supply and the spray devices. Standard Iso-Flo® HD configurations are available for single-gun manual painting systems and single- and multiple-gun automatic painting systems.

Iso-Flo® System for Automatic Spraying

The Iso-Flo® unit for automatic spraying contains two paint reservoirs to provide a continuous uninterrupted flow of paint. One reservoir supplies charged coating to the spray devices while the second reservoir refills from the grounded paint supply. Once the second reservoir is filled, it disconnects from the spray devices, connects to the paint supply and refills. The reservoirs hold enough paint to ensure a continuous supply of charged paint to the spray devices. And since air gaps are maintained between the shuttles, the electrostatic charge will not conduct back through the paint-supply system.

Spray / Fill Cycle

Spray / Transfer Cycle

Spray / Fill Cycle

Iso-Flo® System for Manual Spraying

Gun Triggered Off –Fill Cycle

Gun Triggered On –Spray Cycle