Cross-Cut® Düsen

Nozzles provide superior atomization and control when spraying high-solids, viscous and other hard-to-atomize materials.

Finishers are continually challenged with maintaining excellent product quality and coating performance throughout each stage of their operations. In the past, spraying high-solids, viscous and other hard-to-atomize coatings and materials has been possible either by adding solvents, heating the material or increasing fluid pressure. The use of solvents adds cost and time to build the desired film thickness.

Plus, increasingly stringent environmental regulations for reduced VOC emissions make this alternative more prohibitive. And increasing fluid pressure – in excess of 68 bar – to improve atomization creates overspray and bounceback. This results in wasted coating material, increased equipment wear and shop environment problems for other personnel.

Nozzle Design

Nordson Cross-Cut® nozzles are designed to provide improved atomization with a wide range of materials, including highly viscous and difficult-to-atomize coatings. Cross-Cut® nozzles produce greater atomizing energy at a given fluid pressure, compared to conventional airless spray nozzles. Excellent atomization is achieved at reduced fluid pressure, resulting in a softer, low-velocity spray which helps minimize dripping, material waste and equipment wear for maximum coating efficiency and material utilization.

  • Nordson Cross-Cut® nozzles produce significantly wider fan patterns (up to 70cm) than conventional airless nozzles
  • Cross-Cut® nozzle design is inherently less prone to plugging
  • Cross-Cut® nozzles atomize materials at lower pressures which produces a softer, more controllable spray with minimal overspray and bounceback
  • When Cross-Cut nozzles begin to wear, both flow rate and fan pattern width increase together and film thickness remains nearly constant
  • Finer atomization provides a higher quality airless finish than is possible with standard nozzles
  • Softer spray pattern substantially improves airless electrostatic efficiency and wrap
  • Cross-Cut® nozzles require no additional regulators to adjust.

Whether your coating operation is electrostatic or non-electrostatic, manual or automatic, over 1,200 Nordson Cross-Cut® nozzles in a wide range of nozzle types, spray pattern widths and flow rates are available, or can be custom designed, to meet your specific application requirements.

cSelect™ - Düsen

Uniformly applies internal lacquer from piece-to-piece, lowering coating weights to reduce material consumption and cost.

Features and Benefits
  • Manufactured to tighter tolerances, providing uniform coating of a specified can size or type.
  • Greater piece-to-piece consistency lowers coating weights, reducing material consumption and cost.
  • Performance tested during the manufacturing process by measuring film thickness distributions on the interior of a metal can.
  • Includes documented manufacturing results and recommended operating settings to reduce set-up and maintenance and maximize performance.

Nordson cSelect nozzles are designed to uniformly apply internal lacquer spray to a specified can size or type. Manufactured to tolerance limits as much as 35 percent closer than previous container spray nozzles, cSelect nozzles assure piece-to-piece uniformity and accuracy. As a result of the uniformity in applied film thickness, manufacturers are able to lower coating weights, and thus, reduce material consumption and cost.

Each cSelect nozzle is performance tested by coating specific can sizes and types, and measuring the resulting film thickness distribution along the sidewall of the container. These results, as measured in the nozzle manufacturing process, vary no more than 0.50 mg/in2 and are used as performance criteria for the nozzle.

The documented manufacturing test results are included with each cSelect nozzle.

In addition, Nordson also provides the recommended spray gun angle, operating settings and set-up guidelines to reduce installation and maintenance time and help achieve maximum performance.

All cSelect Nozzles are also serialized for traceability and product control.

Erhältliche cSelect - Düsen:

Container Systems’ Best Practices Pledge

At Nordson, our technology, equipment and expertise work together to offer the best solutions to our customers for their applications. This may result in better quality, improved manufacturing efficiency, less downtime, reduced coating material consumption, faster line speeds, or combinations of these and other factors that enable manufacturers to produce a better product at a lower cost. We work with our customers to improve their coating and manufacturing processes overall. It is with this continuous focus on Best Practices, that we partner with customers to find successful solutions for improved quality and productivity.

Nordson Package of Values®

Our exclusive Package of Values backs every Nordson product and system in every region and locale. The Nordson Package of Values includes: production testing, system engineering, installation assistance, customer service and operator training.

The combination of these features provides added value that is unmatched in the container manufacturing industry.